One of the most serious pollution problems in cabinet making is the evaporation of the synthetic paint solvents. A medium-sized furniture maker releases tons of solvents into the air every day, polluting the area around it. Micro-evaporation of these solvents continues afterwards for even longer periods, polluting the area where the piece of furniture is located. To the full advantage of the end user, of operators in the furniture sector and of the villages that surround the factories, Valcucine, after years of tests and of continuous research, has adopted, for solid wood and for veneered doors and panels, a cycle of water-based varnish that drastically reduces toxic emissions. Our innovative capacity continues to pave the way for improvement in the industry. We have been pleased to see some of our competitors adopt similar practices. As the saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. At Valcucine we are eager to see all industry work for an improvement in our environment and health.