BIOFOREST is a no profit, non-party, non-sectarian Association founded in 1998 by a group of businessmen and small entrepreneurs who were interested in a new model of development based on compatibility between industry and environmental safeguard, that was also supported and encouraged by naturalists and ecologists working in the scientific field.

The objective of the commitment was the reduction of energy consumption and raw materials in production cycles, the removal of toxic materials and an adequate development of research and technological innovation respecting the natural environment.

In this context, relations between developed and developing Countries have been fundamental in sharing and making a compatible use of the Planet’s natural resources, allowing to safeguard the natural capital and pass on to future generations the resources we have inherited.

BIOFOREST is mainly (but not only) committed to promoting a new culture in the industrial world, which assumes its own responsibilities and is ready to act to restore and safeguard natural world resources.

It is a “new alliance” between Industry and Environment, which intends to give an important signal: a serious and long-lasting commitment.

The Association, as laid down in its statute, aims at:

– gathering whoever wishes to commit to the regeneration and reconstruction of destroyed or degraded forest ecosystems, in Italy and in the world;

– financing projects of reforestation, respecting the original natural ecosystems and, if necessary for the safeguard and protection of the environment, purchasing biologically significant areas where extremely rare and even unique endangered plant and animal species are found;

– encouraging and supporting scientific study and research activities in the areas concerned and/or purchased, using the most up-to-date techniques;

– offering scholarships and supporting the continuation of studies for young people in need who live in the areas concerned by the projects and have the skills or are interested in the natural environment;

– supporting families in need who live in the areas concerned by the projects and actively participate in their implementation;

– promoting information and awareness campaigns on the projects, initiatives and events organised by the Association in schools of every grade, Universities and research centres;

– involving the media and public opinion with debates, conferences, meeting and other initiatives regarding the activities carried out, focusing on environmental problems and ways to develop correct and harmonious man/nature relations;

– developing respect for the fundamental rights of ecology, such as recycling, reducing energy and raw material consumption, eliminating toxic substances from productive processes.