We quote here the Treehugger’s post:

“If one was going to build the perfect kitchen you might want it to be made of a material that is easily cleaned, like glass. You would expect it to ship flat-pack to reduce transport costs. You might make it so that there are no glues, just mechanical connections so that it could be easily taken apart and reassembled in a different form. Need metal? Use recycled aluminum.
Toss in the slickest of Italian design and you have the Valcucine Invitrum. Don’t know what it costs and am afraid to ask. But it is slick and green.
More at Valcucine and in TreeHugger:Italian Kitchen Design Keeps Getting Greener with New Valcucine and Jargon Watch: “Recyclable.”

Credit: Valcucine By Lloyd Alter, Toronto
on April 7, 2009 4:04 AM
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