Lengthy research into materials and into their limits of resistance have allowed Valcucine to revolutionise the furniture industry, making the first 100% recyclable base unit in glass of which some parts are in recycled aluminium. The production process of recycled aluminium has the advantage of consuming only one-twentieth of the energy needed to obtain primary aluminium. Traditional kitchens usually supply base units that are installed side-by-side which means that the chipboard side panel is doubled, reaching a thickness of 36mm; Valcucine, on the other hand, has developed the structure of its kitchen horizontally and has applied a single carcass side in glass that is only 10mm thick. For as much as regards disposal, Valcucine knows that an already existing product consists in a potential resource for the future. The entire new glass base unit system is easy to be disassembled because it is joined using only mechanical joints instead of glues. It is easy to divide the materials of which the base unit is composed because it is made up of one-material components.

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