On the 23rd and 24th October 2009 in São Paulo (Brazil) the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo hosts the second edition of BOOMSPDESIGN – Architecture, Design and Art Forum.
“The Forum will be a nice  get together of speakers from all over  the world, from  different fields. The meeting is, that will be attended by designers, architects, artists, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and university people, aims to promote discussions about architecture, design and art and its impacts on the modern ways of technology, consumption and behavior. Belas Artes  started as an art University a more than 60 years ago. Celebrates its  25th aniversary of its  design course and  30th aniversary  of the  Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. IN this matter it is  quite natural to support an event linked to these three fields.”

It is a great opportunity for our students  to meet fantastic professionals from Brazil and all over the world, “says the advisor of Belas Artes, Patricia Cardim.
“The support of Belas Artes Ubiversity  has been fantastic to our project. This year we also started partnerships with the community  creating a new atmosphere within design studios around the city, stores, restaurants and galleries, promoting new insights into the world of design. The  Brazilian community  will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with great speakers, understand their thoughts and learn more about their projects”, says the promoter of Boomspdesign, Roberto Cocenza.

A new way of looking at the contemporary world that has radically transformed the aesthetics of products and the nature of consumer culture.
A MINI EXHIBITION, with participation of speakers expressing their favorite pieces;
A MINI DESIGN FILM FESTIVAL in the main lounge, exhibitions and other activities around town.

BOOMSPDESIGN – Fórum de Arquitetura, Design e Arte

At the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo
Rua José Antonio Coelho, 879 – unidade 3 – São Paulo (SP).