The project Humus Park – organized by the city of Pordenone in collaboration with the Artists Vincenzo Sponga and Gabriele Meneguzzi – moves to another special place in the city of Pordenone, the park of  the Torre’s Castle , not only rich in green, but also water spring, ancient history (the castle houses the Archaeological Museum, and a little farther on are the remains of a Roman villa) medieval history (age of building the castle) and contemporary (with neighboring buildings interesting example of industrial achaeology ).
There you will find thirty between national and international artists to create the second edition of the meeting of Land Art wildlife. The artist will work for a week inspired by the place and by the nature, creating artworks that will be a fascinating gallery en plein air, free from constraints of work or business ownership.  Humus-Man Park offers a respectful relationship between Men and Environment. The artist borrows materials that Nature provides them, they “play” and then they let the Environment to continue the work of reappropriation.