Valcucine is glad to announce the opening of a new flagship store, in Brera Design Destrict, Milan, the district bearing the same name located the cultural heart and the art and design centre of Milan.
In a modern building with glass façades, a gallery of windows in a rigorous architectural style that are all of 5 metres high give a glimpse of, and anticipate the entrance to, the Valcucine world in Milan. An environment that is unique in its kind, born from the creativity of Gabriele Centazzo, leads to the soul and to the fulfilment of the entire Valcucine philosophy: a space that has not only been chosen as a showroom but that is also a place dedicated to culture and to many art forms and where the common denominator that connects all the elements is always eco-sustainability. It is with this spirit that Valcucine’s flagship store hosts “Eco Bookshop”, a library that is entirely dedicated to books on bio-architecture and ecology that can be purchased or just consulted. It is with the same spirit of lively open-mindedness and curiosity that Valcucine loves contamination of art and becomes a space that accommodates creations of contemporary artists that often inspire kitchen programmes such as Artematica Vitrum Arte. Constructed on a surface of 600 m2 and distributed on three floors, VALCUCINE MILAN | BRERA has been basically conceived as a showroom but is also a meeting place where one can chat and exchange ideas, a place to be trained and informed in and where one can deepen ones knowledge on the entire Valcucine universe as a whole. An industrial style of architecture, with ceilings at two different heights, plumbing in view, white walls and unfinished ones and natural wood floorings, it is the container from which Valcucine’s philosophy opens up onto the world.

At the ground floor and in the basement, the “Valcucine” and “Demode” kitchen programmes as well as the “Valcucine Living” living room programme are exhibited using a lively language that is both immediate yet sophisticated and in which minimalist shapes, colours and materials, such as aluminium and glass, stone and wood blend and express themselves in a formula that bears the unmistakable mark of this company. Kitchens and furniture follow one in a harmonious way suggesting refined solutions that are firmly anchored to the principles of eco-compatibility. Sculptures and wooden games, sketches and large drawings on the walls talk about sustainability, the design and creative dimension of the company, as if wishing to emphasise the strong and inseparable bond between all Valcucine’s projects and nature itself. The new flagship store wants to be one of the irremissible destinations of interior design professionals and of the general public as a whole. A shop window open to all, belonging to a company that has turned environmentally-friendly “design engineering” – i.e. the effort of harmonising aesthetic lines with the most cutting-edge technologies – into its strength.

Valcucine Milan Brera Garibaldi 99 Milano
T: ( +39) (0) 2 6597588