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mater-terra-triennale milan

Valcucine’s MATER TERRA calendar 2009 is currently exhibited at the Triennale in Milan until the 1st November 2009 with other 26 best handicrafts.

Mater Terra was selected among over 700 graphic design projects from Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Irish Republic, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Holland, Brasil, United Arabian Emirates, India, China and Australia.

Life goes from flowers to flowers


For several years, Valcucine has created calendars inspired to topics such as craftsmanship, creativity and natural environment.


The calendar for the year 2009, made on a limited edition for Valcucine international showrooms, focuses on six topics that appeal to the respect for Mother Earth’s eternal laws: the safeguard of forests, the commitment in maintaining the air quality, the protection of insects, the respect for marine species, the safeguard of biodiversity and the effort in contrasting the glaciers’ melting.




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