Home Gardening
is becoming an increasingly common activity in our everyday urban culture. We live in small apartments above busy, polluted cities, yet we make a point of dedicating precious time to surrounding ourselves with greenery, creating miniature gardens on our windows sills and balconies and verandas. We make space for storing soil and seeds in the kitchen cupboard, cooking utensils mutate and adapt to new agricultural tasks. Some of us grow trees for their seasonal fruits, maybe for their sweet fragrance or maybe just for their beauty; the fact is, we all have little secrets on how to care for and grow our little home gardens.
“Made to Cultivate” is a project by Simone Simonelli e Stefano Citi in collaboration with Valcucine for Lunedi Sostenibili. The aim is to open a window onto the world of DIY home gardening, creating a visual anthology of domestic gardening know how, a resource available to all, an open source collection of tools, mechanisms, instructions and gardening techniques, to which everyone will have access.
On the 29th November in Milan Lunedì Sostenibili with “Made to Cultivate” is going to open an exhibition on photos, home videos, drawings and even the actual objects about home gardening. The intention is to discover the most reliable utensils, something innovative and unusual which meets a specific need, which might also be something you inherited from your grandparents, or maybe it’s just that old spoon your mothers uses for her geraniums. “Made to Cultivate” wants to show the wide range of everyday objects and hidden techniques used in home gardens that are in danger of never being revealed to the rest of the world.
These will be shown on the 29th November at 7pm c/o Eco Bookshop Valcucine, Corso Garibaldi 99, Milano.