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Many years of research into materials and their limits of resistance have permitted Valcucine to gauge the structures of its products down to the essential to create objects that are the utmost expression of design based on a minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, i.e. on the philosophy of dematerialisation.

The most significant example is the micro-layered and extra-light door of the Riciclantica program, composed of an aluminum structural frame with minimum cross-section bars that are extremely sturdy and by a finishing panel that is only 2mm thick made using construction technologies taken from the car industry.

Valcucine has also worked on the dematerialisation of worktops that also have an aluminum structural frame to which a thin glass, steel, laminate, cristalite or stone top is added. The special shape and resistance of the frame make it possible to drastically reduce the quantity of matter of which the top is made (e.g. the laminate top saves 60% of the materials normally used).


The news arrived yesterday: the International Jury of the XXI COMPASSO d’ORO – ADI (Industrial Design Award) conferred a recommendation for the modular “Riciclantica” door to VALCUCINE.

The COMPASSO d’ORO is the greatest recognition to an Italian product resulting from design and business excellence and witnesses to the achievement of an advanced idea, culturally aware and ethically responsible to individuals, society and to the environment.

This award is simply the conclusive act of an accurate process that works exclusively on the basis of the pre-selection of the ADI (Industrial Design Association) published annually in the ADI Design Indexes covering the three years preceding the award.

Thus, this recommendation is an important confirmation of the efforts that Valcucine has always liberally invested in the creation of innovative and functional products in which search for beauty combines with respect for man and for the environment.

This philosophy finds its utmost expression in the “Riciclantica” door which using materials such as aluminium, steel, glass and carbon, sees if main source of inspiration in nature. Its membrane expands and deforms thanks to lots of small bulges that create an outward thrust, transmitting the idea of pulsating life.

The use of materials that are 100% recyclable, resistant to water, steam and heat, the pure lines and contours and the mere 2mm thickness ensure a minimum waste of resources and utmost perception of lightness, to the limits of a futuristic concept of product dematerialisation.

The award-giving ceremony took place in Venaria Reale (TO), during the opening ceremony of the “Mostra XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI” exhibition in which all the awarded and recommended products  which, subsequently, will be part of the Compasso d’Oro ADI historical collection, are exhibited. Unique throughout the world, ordained in 2004 as “Bene d’interesse nazionale” (Asset of national interest) it is a candidate to become a witness to more than fifty years of the history of Italian design.

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