Valcucine’s exhibition route has been divided into autonomous yet interdependent spaces which, as well as presenting new products, have the aim of defining the company’s identity in a non-exhaustive way. Visitors will have the opportunity of realising that it is possible to reconcile aesthetics and ethics; compromise between innovation and tradition; trust in technology and stimulate creativity; produce functional, comfortable and original objects while guaranteeing environmental protection. The assistance of artists such as ArteDeisa in the ARTEMATICA VITRUM ARTE programme, shown here in three different versions, and Ugo Nespolo in the new ARTEMATICA AMPHIMAS programme, has the aim of showing that creative passion and handicraft techniques can blend to recover the priceless value of manual ability. This new wood finish of Amphimas has a very chunky appearance: an even texture that allows continuous horizontal grain alignment. Ugo Nespolo drawings come to life on the door surfaces and on the table thanks to the inlay technique, a symbol of the recovery of an authentic tradition for which the patient hand of man is still essential. A cabinet for the living room is also available with this artistic customisation, designed to create clean, tidy and simply elegant environments.  Revolutionary ideas can be born from a commitment to environmental sustainability, such as the Riciclantica door (the first 2 mm thick glass door ever to be produced, selected by the ADI – Industrial Design Association – Index 2007), the honeycombed aluminium bookcase (8 mm thick) or, yet again, the new base unit entirely in glass designed to eliminate double side panels and finally reach the objective of a fully-recyclable kitchen. Not only do the materials used guarantee resistance and durability, they are also completely recyclable and non-toxic, while the reduction of volumes reaches the boundary of dematerialisation for clean, tidy and minimalist environments. Collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, with Alessandro Mendini and with Alessi further witnesses to Italian genius that becomes excellence.